Top 10 Best Rolling Laptop Bags Reviewed | For Men and Women in Canada

Gone are the days of arriving at that important business meeting with your suit skewed, damp patches on your shirt and backache: wheeled cases offer an easy way to travel with your laptop and other work essentials.

With such a vast range of products on the market, from those designed for overnight stays, to slimline cases featuring detachable sleeves, to rollers that can also double as a leisure bag, the choice can be overwhelming. This article aims to help you make the right decision by reviewing 10 of our best rolling laptop bags for men and women in Canada.

Reviewed – 10 Best Rolling Laptop Bags Canada


Briggs & Riley @Work Large Expandable Rolling Brief | KR350X-4

1. Briggs & Riley @Work Large Expandable Rolling Brief | KR350X-4

Just the fact that Briggs and Riley have selected ballistic nylon—originally developed to withstand flying debris and fragmentation, from bullets and shells—for the outer fabric, demonstrates the robustness of this laptop bag. Even the zippers are self-repairing, with ergonomic double pulls. The extendable handle is fixed to the outside of the bag, leaving more room for my overnight items, and the sturdy wheels allow for a smooth ride down the airport terminal.

If, like me, you need to be organized and know where everything is, then this laptop bag is hard to beat. The five main compartments have all been thoughtfully designed. At the front, there are two smaller zippered sections, ideal for all those little items that often get lost in the bottom of the bag.

The third compartment comprises the padded section which takes a 17-inch laptop, held securely in place by two heavy-duty straps. An additional feature here is that the laptop compartment can be unzipped and folded out completely flat. Behind this is a thin compartment, great for keeping papers and folders flat in transit, followed by a substantial zippered section which easily accommodates a change of clothes.

The sheer level of organization that this brief provides makes it worth the high price tag. Perfect for overnight business or leisure trips, this durable and spacious laptop bag offers great versatility, earning it pride of place in the list of best rolling laptop bags.

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Briggs & Riley @Work Medium Slim Rolling Brief | KR251-4

2. Briggs & Riley @Work Medium Slim Rolling Brief | KR251-4

The Medium Slim Rolling Brief offers a smaller, lightweight option to the Briggs & Riley large, expandable version. However, despite its more slimline appearance, the Medium Slim still shares the same build quality as its larger relation: ballistic nylon fabric, ensuring resistance to abrasion, water, dirt and general wear; and the YKK racquet coil zippers, offering superior performance—having lost several bags to failed fastenings, I always do a zip test before buying.

With dimensions of only 28 x 40.5 x 14cm, this case easily fits under the seat in a plane. For a slimline case, the amount of organization is impressive. The front compartment opens out to reveal three sections: the first has a whole range of pockets for pens, phones, notebooks, and even features a handy key chain; the second section is ideal for files; while the third has space for files, plus a pocket which is perfect for a tablet.

A detachable computer sleeve features in the main compartment, suitable for laptops up to 15.6 inches; I really like the way that this can be zipped up and used as a standalone case (handy for nipping to the office upstairs, without the extra baggage).

With most wheeled laptop bags coming in larger sizes, this slimline design from Briggs & Riley stands out. Effortlessly carrying a day’s worth of work around, this high-end product is ideal for the daily commute or short business trip. Just remember that you are a little more restricted when it comes to laptop size.

Check Out the Briggs & Riley @Work Medium Slim Rolling Brief


Samsonite Classic Business Mobile Office | 43876-1041

3. Samsonite Classic Business Mobile Office | 43876-1041

Made from rugged ballistic fabric, this rolling laptop case copes admirably with outdoor conditions. The telescopic handle extends easily and is comfortable to walk with. This handle can also be discretely zipped away when not in use, keeping it out of the way when using the carry handles, as well as giving a nice sleek look to the design.

Unlike many bags, the Samsonite has a separate zipped and padded compartment just for the laptop (not a separated part within a compartment), fitting up to 15.6-inch model. This is thoughtfully positioned between the front, organizer section and the large compartment at the rear of the bag, giving maximum protection. As I need to use my laptop frequently throughout the day, this dedicated area makes for quick and easy access, without the need to expose the contents of the rest of my case.

Strong and stylish, this bag also offers a good level of organization. The dedicated laptop compartment is a nice touch and also leaves a very spacious compartment at the back of the case, making it ideal for overnight or for carrying bulkier items. Middle of the range, this is a strong contender for best rolling laptop bag.

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Solo Classic PT136-4 Rolling Laptop Bag

4. Solo Classic PT136-4 Rolling Laptop Bag

The Solo Classic PT136-4 is constructed from a strong polyester and features padded carry handles. When not in use, the telescopic handle can be hidden away neatly, under a zippered flap. At a slim 22.2cm, this is an ideal carry-on for frequent travellers, fitting under most airline seats. Noticeably lighter than most of its competitors, at under 3kg, this is also a good option for those parts of the journey where the bag must be carried.

I am impressed by the thoughtful layout of this bag, which is well-suited to most business needs. The pockets in the front organizer section are followed by a compartment specifically designed for folders and even has dividers for this purpose. The fully padded laptop compartment at the back is the largest and can hold up to 17.3-inch screen, still leaving plenty of room for accessories and additional books or folders.

A sturdy, mid-range bag with lots of space for work-related items. Being slim and lightweight, this is a great case for travelling around, however, I wouldn’t recommend for overnight use, as the compartments are quite specific and lack a larger area for clothing.

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Wenger Granada Avenues Wheeled Laptop Bag | GA-7011-14F00

5. Wenger Granada Avenues Wheeled Laptop Bag | GA-7011-14F00

A brand name associated with the Swiss Army Knife, this laptop bag is both stylish and functional. The sleek grey bands and red flash design details on the front really made this stand out from the other cases on the shelf. However, it’s far from just about the looks: the chunky zips feel strong and reliable; the telescopic handle is sturdy, zipping away discretely when not in use; and the wheels are robust and run smoothly.

The protective laptop section, comfortably accommodating a screen size of up to 17 inches, sits centrally within the bag. At the top, front of the laptop compartment, Wenger have placed a very handy zippered pocket. This is a great place for a wallet, passport and keys, which you just want easy access to, even if you’re in a tight space.

The front organizer compartment is pretty standard, but what really sells this bag for me is the substantial back compartment which has been engineered with overnight stays in mind; there are even suitcase-style straps to help prevent your best shirt from getting creased.

I’m surprised that this laptop bag still fits within the mid-range. The build quality is excellent, the styling is exquisite, and the functionality as an overnight case for business or leisure is astounding.

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Solo Classic CLS910-4 Rolling Laptop Bag Reviewed

6. Solo Classic CLS910-4 Rolling Laptop Bag

A slightly smaller version of the Solo Classic PT136-4, the CLS910-4 is manufactured from the same polyester and has a very similar appearance. Weighing just 2.8kg, this is one of the lightest laptop bags featured here.

From what I can see, the only significant difference between the two models is the layout and the omission of a zipper on the front pocket. There is still a zippered organizer section at the front, however, unlike the PT136-4, this is followed by the padded laptop compartment, with the folder compartment having been moved to the back. Despite having slightly smaller dimensions, a 17.3-inch laptop continues to fit comfortably.

For most business users, this bag provides more than adequate space and organization for a day’s worth of meetings. If you are tempted with the CLS910-4, I would also recommend checking out the PT136-4, too—basically the same bag, but a different option on the layout.

Check Out the Solo Classic CLS910-4 Rolling Laptop Bag


Solo Classic PV78-4 Rolling Laptop Briefcase Reviewed

7. Solo Classic PV78-4 Rolling Laptop Briefcase

Based more on the traditional briefcase, this is a highly professional-looking product. With a polyester body, this sturdy case can carry a lot of weight. At 4kg, this is definitely a case that is engineered to be pulled along; there is a sturdy carry handle, but it is there for function, not comfort.

The telescopic handle is on the exterior, leaving more space on the inside. Some people may be put off by the fact that this handle does not hide away, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s not an issue as this is not a case to be carried.

One slight drawback is that the wheel housing sticks up into the base of the case, meaning that the bottom of the case is not completely flat. A nice feature of this briefcase is the system of dual combination locks, making it a good choice for carrying sensitive or confidential material—a more elegant solution than padlocks.

Lifting the substantial flap at the front of the bag (fastened by two large Velcro pads) reveals a generous organizer compartment. In here, there is a section full of different-sized pockets, ideal for stationery, phone and cards; and a separate miscellaneous part for any bits that don’t quite fit in the pockets. The main body of the briefcase is extremely spacious and provides fully padded protection for laptops up to 16 inches.

A very professional briefcase with added security, ideal for people who need to carry a lot of paperwork along with their laptop. Due to the weight and rigidity, I would be reluctant to take it on public transport, but for carting documents around a building, or to and from the car, this mid-range bag is an excellent choice and has more than earned a place on the list of best rolling laptop bags.

Check Out the Solo Classic PV78-4 Rolling Laptop Briefcase


Targus 16" Rolling Laptop Case | TBR003CA

8. Targus 16″ Rolling Laptop Case | TBR003CA

Made from durable and water resistant polyester, the Targus features a telescopic handle (which neatly zips away) and functional carry handles. Weighing only 2.68kg, this is the lightest laptop bag featured, yet, it also happens to have some of the largest external dimensions, at 43 x 23 x 40cm.

Standard for most laptop bags, there is a handy zip down compartment at the front of the bag. Behind this is the laptop compartment, with protection provided by the closed cell foam padding. At the rear of the bag is a large zippered compartment which could be used to accommodate a change of clothes or additional folders.

For a budget product, the Targus shares many of the useful features found on the more expensive brands. If you don’t want to spend a lot on a laptop case, or are only after a bag for occasional/light use, I would suggest that this is well worth considering.

Check Out the Targus TBR003CA Rolling Laptop Case


Women’s Rolling Laptop Bags Reviewed


Samsonite Ladies Mobile Office Spinner | 57475-1041

1. Samsonite Ladies Mobile Office Spinner | 57475-1041

More in the style of a designer handbag, the Samsonite offers a sophisticated option for the professional business woman. The polyester case features a retractable handle which can be locked in place in the fully extended and closed positions.

With four multidirectional spinner wheels, the case glides effortlessly by your side—fantastic for airport queues—and is extremely stable. Of course, it can still be pulled behind, like a conventional rolling bag. The additional convenience does come at a cost: the bag weighs 4kg. Despite this, the Samsonite will still fit under most airline seats and overheads.

The front organization compartment is one of my favourite layouts, with pockets for pens, a phone and flash drives, but also a dedicated iPad/tablet pocket running behind. The second zippered compartment has a padded section, suitable for a laptop up to 15.6 inches. The last compartment is conveniently separated to allow for organization of papers and files.

The stylish Samsonite has a high-end look and feel, far exceeding expectations for the price point. While it isn’t suited for overnight, this bag is the perfect companion for any fashion-conscious woman, whether travelling on business or for leisure.

Check Out the Samsonite Ladies Mobile Office Spinner Laptop Bag


Kensington Contour Balance Laptop Roller | K62533US

2. Kensington Contour Balance Laptop Roller | K62533US

At first glance, I had no idea that this was actually a wheeled laptop bag. The beautifully styled Kensington uses white stitching detail to accentuate the curves. A floral black and white pattern highlights the front slip pocket, continuing along the reverse of the carry handles and through to the back of the bag. Not content with stopping there, the floral pattern, in a grey and white, also lines the organizer and folder compartments.

Ergonomically designed to reduce strain on the body and allow for easier movement, the innovative telescopic handle has a single pole and contoured grip. When not in use, this handle conceals discretely under a flap towards the middle of the bag. The pleated Air-Flo Contour™ panel fits snug to the body and also dissipates heat, when carrying the bag on the shoulder or in the crook of the arm.

Offering superior protection for laptops up to 15.4 inches, the central laptop compartment is deep-quilted and features an AirBrake™ bottom cushion. The back compartment has mesh pockets, handy for keeping the contents organized. However, what I was most excited about was the side pocket for my water bottle.

The Kensington womens rolling laptop bag has lots of unique features for a mid-range product. While the bag is still functional, there isn’t a huge amount of space. However, if you don’t need to carry much apart from your laptop, this is a stylish and fun option. I would tend to favour this bag for leisure trips, but it could also work in a more relaxed office environment.

Check Out the Kensington K62533US Contour Laptop Roller Bag